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Robert Motherwell

Possessing perhaps the best and most extensive formal education of all the New York School painters, Robert Motherwell was well versed in literature, philosophy and the European modernist traditions. His paintings, prints and collages feature simple shapes, bold color contrasts and a dynamic balance between restrained and boldly gestural brushstrokes. They reflect not only a dialogue with art history, philosophy and contemporary art, but also a sincere and considered engagement with autobiographical content, contemporary events and the essential human conditions of life, death, oppression and revolution.

Burning Elegy.jpg
Burning Elegy

Description: lithograph with hand-coloring, on TGL handmade paper, 1991
Size: 52 ½ x 62 7/8 in. (1310 x 1600 mm.)
Notes: initialed in pencil, numbered 20/36  published by Tyler Graphics, Mount Kisco, New York, US.

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