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Hello all, my name is Rose Ozer (B.A (Hons), M.A (Hons)) and I am a Designer, Artist, Producer, Curator, Educationalist, Philanthropist & Businesswomen. This business is a culmination of all my life's experiences & as such, I hope you find it special & unique. I have spent most of my life in Italy, Spain & Iran. It's a intoxicating mix of Modernity & the oldest Civilisation of Earth.

Originally I was a self-taught Artist & I was completely obsessed by the Visual World as a Child. I would look at obsess over Raisonne's of Turner, Renoir & was always completely fascinated by Pollack, then later developed by Richter. I use to make my Surreal pencil sketches of buildings & people, but nobody wanted them. I built a substantial Portfolio & in my young foolish arrogance applied to all the great Universities of Europe. To my surprise, I was reborn anew at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA), culminating in a Bachelor's & Master's Degrees, while Freelancing at the local Boutique Galleries, curating works.


My knowledge of Modern Art is intimate & that's because I am an Artist myself. I know what it's like to pour my whole being into a single brush stroke & I know all of the flourishes of the great Modern painters. I instantly, in my minds eye, conjure up spaces of viscerity & colour. This, along with my Team of Experts that I have collected together like a Portfolio, allow me to purchase only the very best of Modern Paintings, Drawing & Prints.

Education & Work

Early on, about 5 years old, I quickly discovered that I had a Talent for Drawing & 10 years later, I enrolled at my local University to hone my skills. My speciality was life drawing & even though it was very difficult to make as a Fine Artist, it taught me valuable Skills that would be used to cement my Professional Career. From a 3 year Foundation Course & the fruits of that Labour, I found easy entrance into the World renowned Italian University: Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) culmination is a Fine Art Masters Degree.


From here, it was an easy step to not only having premier skills as a Draughtswoman, but to be able to recognise the intimate details of the Great Artists, as well as having a great fondness for Persian Art. This lead to several offers, from the some of the great Antiquity Universities of Iran, including the University of Tehran & Isfahan, where I lectured considerably for a Decade or so, while completely my PhD in Art History & also started several Foundations encouraging Female painters and Sculptures. Intersecting this, I have freelanced at some of the World's prominent Auction Houses, while also conducting Cultural & Diplomatic Art Projects for the United Nations.

During such time, I have amassed a impressive portfolio of not only Contemporary European Masters Prints & Painters. Eventually I returned back to Europe & settled in my new adopted Country of Sweden, with my Husband William who is also co-CEO, while still fostering local Talent.

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