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Even as a Child, I had an absolute fascination with all things visual & how my emotions effected my perception of Reality. Colour, light & spaces, when combined made me feel like I was in a slightly different World, a variation of what had gone before & that new Reality can be conjured up, with a stroke of a Pen. Initially, I tried to Master the Art of Drawing, as that is where everything begins & I feel it's a great shame that many in the Design professional like those basic skills. Drawing also teaches concentration & a temporary obsession of the Object. It's not just about making a replica of that thing, though it is a skill that should be mastered. It's about knowing that thing absolutely, so you can close your eye & still see. Not only that, the structure and the Space that it inhibits, is committed to the mind and then the subconscious. From there, it can haunt & be intrinsically recalled, compared & then immediately part of the Spatial & emotional narrative. Some have more of a ability than other's to perform such tasks, but over time, repetition & an lifetime of images in my minds eye, I can just instantly know if something works & what that feeling would be. My Art training has been just an incredible Foundation, in order for me to know how to translate thought, ideas & feelings, immediately to the drawing board. Also, it has allowed me to recognise the budding Creativity of other. I hope my work can give you some sense of what I can do for you, as with everyone else's experience in life, mine is totally unique, as are my Design choices.

This is what we do

All of the Designers we work with, have been Cherry picked by myself & are employed Freelance on the basis of: innate skill & talent, the ability to deliver on time. These are one-off Talents, that only Design specifically for me. All of our Home Decor items are Designed and produced by one of these Amazing people.  

As you are the Client, I work with a Blank slate of expectations. We cater for a huge gamut, from the person with no experience of Design, to professionals who literally do not have the time to do this themselves. So we have two parts to our business, & they can be chopped up & glued back together as Bespoke:

If you desire a exceptionally high quality piece of Modern Art, then we are the people to do that for you. As you can see, my Resumé speaks for itself, but you have to know that the person touch is always ever present. To the actual Art itself, down to every single conceivable detail, most importantly including Provenance.

Our Home Decor speaks for itself & you can see just how highly detailed & exquisite each item is.


The Process: matching

This is where projects are either simple, or more complex. We work on every conceivable scale, from Designing Kitchens, to 3000 square feet Houses. This also depends on the degree to client input. But this is an example of how we can work, under a basic premise:

Firstly, a Client could have a rough idea of theme & then of course a Space to work in. With our bespoke software, we can calculate the optimal amount of Space to object, in any given confine. This in itself can be extremely busy working envitonment, or any area that is used by multiple people.

Then we can take note of the amount of light in any given space, this can be done physically, of by the use of very affordable devices. Because all objects soak in light, we then balance that against the Space and the desired outcome. Does the Space need to feel intimate, or more palatial, for instance?

Next, the objects that inhabit that Space are of course dictated to by theme. This is where all of my experience is bought to the fore & when the real Creativity happens. I will Dream up a completely unique & visceral experience, that will hopefully permeate your every experience & inspire.


Though our Product Designers are Masters of their Craft, there comes a time when we produce purely unique pieces of Design & Art, to match any Room.


This can be individual pieces of Art, of which we have a huge rota, dripping with enormous talent. We have worked with many for over 10 years & out of those I have personally mentored some. 


Or, for that special signature piece, we can completely execute from scratch & send that Design to be sent locally. This can even include metallic objects. These can be produced with Metallic polymar, or we can produce the moulds to pour any Metal into them, making an extraordinary piece of Art. Again, we have a global Network of magnificent Casters, who will produce that pristine piece to perfection

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