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Welcome to our Art Collection

My knowledge of Modern Art is intimate & that's because I am an Artist myself. I know what it's like to pour my whole being into a single brush stroke & I know all of the flourishes of the great Modern painters. I instantly, in my minds eye, conjure up spaces of viscerity & colour. This, along with my Team of Experts that I have collected together like a Portfolio, allow me to purchase only the very best of Modern Paintings, Drawing & Prints. Every single piece has been chosen and personally viewed by myself, they are not only in a exquisite condition, but every single document & every single reference has been tripled checked. In many cases, each Artwork comes with it's own Authentication & has been independently assessed by staff who have worked for one of the major International Auction Houses. To maintain our reputation, everything advertised has an iron-clad guarantee, not only of condition, but in the complete and utter originality of the piece & this means we offer a Certificate of Authenticity. Due to the very quick turn around of the Market, this is only a sample of what are Archives and Contacts hold. Please contact us, if there's anything specific you might have in mind

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